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et. al

Reliability Design of Mechanical Systems Subject to Repetitive Stresses

Seong-Woo Woo et. al

Temperature dependence of CO2-enhanced primary production in the European Arctic Ocean

J. M. Holding et. al

Reliability Design of Mechanical Systems Subject to Repetitive Stresses

Seong-Woo Woo et. al

Targeting melanoma with cancer-killing viruses

Tiantian Zhang et. al

A New Binding Site Involving the C-terminal Domain to Design Specific Inhibitors of PepX

Joseph Andre et. al

Observation of spider silk by femtosecond pulse laser second harmonic generation microscopy

Yue Zhao et. al

Targeting Human Astrocytes' Calcium-sensing Receptors for Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease

Anna Chiarini et. al

Time-domain separation of optical properties from structural transitions in resonantly bonded materials

Lutz Waldecker et. al

Polyhedral feasible set computation of MPC-based optimal control problems

Lantao Xie et. al

Construction of a Novel Bispecific Antibody to Enhance Antitumor Activity against Lung Cancer

Wei Yin et. al

A Review on Nanofluids for Machining

Harshit Bhalachandra Kulkarni et. al

Complex networks emerging during choir singing

Viktor Müller et. al

Intracranial Aneurysms; In Need of Early Diagnostic and Treatment Using Bio- and Nanotechnology

Shima Salmasi et. al

Demonstration of allelopathy of horseradish root extract on lettuce seed

Tyler Simpson et. al

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