Why ScientistPage?

Scientific community is facing the exponential growth in academic literature. Researchers are publishing high quality research in journals and conferences, but most of the research papers goes uncited or undiscoverable. Our mission is to make the research work easily understandable and save the time invested by researchers in reading the complete papers to understand the concept. 

We provide a platform to researchers (to present) and students (to watch) the research published in any journal or conference or even pre-published work in the video forms.

How we help?

Visualize your research

Upload a short video of your research work and make it more understandable and discoverable.

Easily share the QR codes of the videos on your resume, grant applications etc.

For researchers

Read less Absorb more

Reading is an integral part of student life and it is important  for the research but watching a short video summary before full text reading can save a lot of your precious time. 

Watching videos from the researchers can help you understand much faster and more clear.

Ask questions directly from the authors if you have any doubt.

For students

Increase your impact

Increase the impact of your journal by linking videos of your publications with the metadata.

For publishers








Dr. Ryosuke Shibato

Founder and CEO, Academist Co. Ltd.