Future smart cities (FSC 2019)


05, Nov / 07, Nov 2019


Xiamen University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • Smart Cities


Cities around the world are striving to become what is referred to as a “Smart City”. The aforementioned is referred to as such because it incorporates the use of new and advanced technologies to operate everyday activities. The advances in technology that the world has been witnessing in the past years have catapulted societies into automation; machines, traffic lights, and trains do not need manning, but the trick lies in finding a balance between implementing technological advancements to facilitate life and maintaining a sustainable ecosystem.

IEREK in collaboration with Xiamen University Malaysia is organizing the 2nd international conference on "Future Smart Cities", to showcase the potential of cities around the globe have to evolve into “Smart Cities”

An upward trend has been developing in the number of researchers and stakeholders interested in investing and developing smarter and more efficient infrastructures, designed to help cities in offering higher standards of living to its inhabitants while maintaining reasonable costs.

The topics to be discussed when talking about a “Smart City” are numerous, and with a broad array of subtopics. Starting from the infrastructure of future smart cities to the impact of these major changes to the environments and ecosystems of society. This conference is calling upon researchers, academics, and students from around the world, with innovative ideas and thoughts to join in creating the path to the creation of Future Smart Cities.

Selected papers from this conference will be published in the journal “Smart and Sustainable Environment”, published by Emerald Publishing. The journal is indexed in Scopus, which is a partner of Clarivate Analytics. Others will be published in the ARChive journal by IEREK Press.  

Deadlines for

01 July, 2019