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Influence of MgO barrier quality on spin-transfer torque in magnetic tunnel junctions

Dhananjay Tiwari

Dhananjay Tiwari

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    Applied Physics Letters
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We studied the bias dependence of spin transfer torque in the MgO-based magnetic tunnel junction using a field-modulated spin torque ferromagnetic resonance measurement technique for three devices with tunneling magnetoresistances (MRs) of 60%, 67%, and 73%, respectively. The devices with a lower MR ratio showed the presence of multiple modes, while the device with higher MR (73%) showed a single resonance mode. We found a lower out-of-plane torkance in our devices compared to the in plane torkance. The out-of-plane torque is linear with applied bias, while the bias dependence of in-plane torque shows a strong dependence on the MR ratio and hence the barrier quality.

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